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What Is Article Forge 3.0?

Article Forge 3.0 is a new version of Article Forge that will help you to create unique articles in minutes.

Article Forge is a company run by the team of Machine Learning researchers at and has helped thousands of people to save time and money on content creation.

Their goal is to create AI that is as intelligent as a human and writing accurately about any topic is critical to demonstrating intelligence.

Article Forge is the result of our research efforts, and it is the first and only program capable of writing full-length, accurate articles entirely automatically.

What is Article forge used for?

You can use article Forge as a personal AI  content writer. 

I’ll explain… 

Consider Article Forge to be a freelance content writer; you provide a keyword phrase, and it returns a unique, relevant, high-quality article. Unlike a freelance writer, however, you’ll have a finished article in under a minute for a fraction of the price.

Also note that Article Forge is trained on millions of pieces of data, giving the AI writer domain knowledge on virtually every topic.

Article Forge Pricing

article forge 3.0 pricing

Article Forge BASIC Plan | Starts at $13 per month

The basic version of article forge 3.0 give you 25,000 words/mo

Article Forge STANDARD Plan | Starts at $27 per month

The standard version of article forge 3.0 give you 250,000 words/mo

Article Forge UNLIMITED Plan | Starts at $57 per month

The unlimited version of article forge 3.0 give you Unlimited words/mo

Which Article Forge Plan Is Best For You?

If you are looking for a content generation tool, you may be wondering which Article Forge plan is best for you. Here is a brief overview of the different plans offered by Article Forge to help you decide which one is right for you.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an Article Forge plan. The most important factor is your needs. Other factors include the number of articles you need, the quality of the articles, and the price.

Article Forge offers three different plans:

  • Basic,
  • Professional, and
  • Enterprise

The Basic plan is the cheapest, but it only allows you to create one article at a time.

The Standard plan is more expensive, but it allows you to create three articles at a time.

I use the Unlimited plan, and I love it! So, let’s talk about how you can get started and what is possible with Article Forge 3.0.

How To Get Started With Article Forge 3.0

Click here to go to Article Forge homepage and click the green button Start For Free. Answer the questions and create your login details without having to give any credit card information.

Free 5 Day Trial For Article Forge 3.0 UNLIMITED

If you want to take it to the next level you can upgrade your free Article Forge plan to the unlimited plan with a 5-day free trial. So now you have 5 days to create content on demand further without paying a single dime. If you do not cancel, after 5 days you will be charged for the first time.

Google rankings using ArticleForge

You may have heard about Google’s new helpful
content update. Google claims this update is going
to reward sites that are “helpful” to searchers and
punish sites that are “unhelpful”.

What does this mean for automatically generated content?

For many tools, especially the ones powered by GPT-3,
this is a bad thing. GPT-3 cannot do any external
research and as a result you get articles that might
“look” good, but don’t have any meaning and aren’t
truly helpful to your audience.

Compared to GPT-3, Article Forge has two very important

Click here to try Article Forge for free!

First: Article Forge independently researches your keyword
before writing, making sure that everything it writes is accurate
and educational… which makes it helpful.

Second: With their new update, Article Forge has a new “grader”.
This grader judges the factual accuracy, quality, and helpfulness
of each sentence Article Forge writes.

As Article Forge writes, it iterates on each sentence
(eight different times!) to make sure every article you get is
accurate, high quality, and helpful.

So with this update, Article Forge is the only tool that is designed
specifically around helpful content – which benefits both your
rankings and your readers.

Now you might be asking, how good is this grader?
Can it really satisfy Google?

Artificial intelligence is currently getting better and better. There
are many areas where AI can actually do better than humans.

One-way researchers currently evaluate this is through
SuperGLUE – a benchmark for judging the capabilities of
machines to analyze language. This benchmark is sponsored
by Facebook, Deepmind, and many other huge companies.

At the time of this article, there are six different models that
outperform humans. GPT-3, which we do not use, is not
even in the top 20.

Their grader was trained using a model architecture that performs
better than humans and was further improved with
thousands of hours of intense work from our team of
linguists. In the end, this grader actually does a better
job grading the helpfulness of a sentence than a human does.

This “better than human” performance means that Article Forge
can truly create content that Google, and humans will love!

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Article Forge 3.0 Review: The Verdict

If you’ve already read my Article Forge 3.0 review, then you’ve probably figured out the verdict, but only in case you went straight to the conclusion of this article (you’re such a naughty puppy!) then yes, I do recommend Article Forge 3.0.

I recommend you try out the 5-day free trial option.

Write a message below if you have previously tried Article Forge or want to suggest a better content creator tool.

Article Forge 3.0 vs WordAI

Article Forge leverages advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to write whole 1,500-word articles automatically. From product descriptions to full blog posts, Article Forge delivers original, SEO-optimized content about any subject with a single click.

WordAI allows you to make use of artificial intelligence to cut turnaround time, control your budget, and create better content your guests and Google readers appreciate.

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