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largest coworking companies

In recent years, the concept of co-working spaces has taken the business world by storm. These shared office spaces have become a preferred choice for freelancers, startups, and even established companies looking for flexible and cost-effective working environments. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the five largest coworking companies globally, delve into their unique offerings, and discuss what sets them apart in this booming industry. Whether you’re a business professional or a startup founder, this guide has everything you need to know about the world of co-working.

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The global co-working industry is flourishing, with more professionals and businesses opting for co-working spaces over traditional office setups. This shift is driven by the need for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the desire to be part of dynamic and collaborative communities. In this guide, we’ll explore the top five co-working companies that have captured the market’s attention.

The 5 Largest Co-Working Companies in the World

Regus – Leading the Pack

Regus, with its impressive 832 locations in the US and over 3,000 locations worldwide, stands out as the largest co-working operator globally. Regus, a part of the IWG (International Workplace Group), offers a wide range of office solutions, from traditional office spaces to virtual offices and meeting rooms. With their extensive global network, they make it convenient for professionals to find a workspace almost anywhere they go.Regus provides options to rent fully furnished offices on a short- or long-term basis, enabling businesses to scale as needed. Additionally, their global presence allows professionals to work from a diverse range of locations.Key Features of Regus:Global Reach: Regus has an extensive network of locations worldwide, making it easy for members to access workspaces in different cities and countries.Flexible Solutions: They offer various workspace options, from private offices to coworking desks and meeting rooms, catering to a wide range of professionals.Professional Environment: Regus is known for its professional and well-maintained workspaces.

WeWork – A Close Second

Following Regus closely is WeWork, the second-largest co-working operator in the US. WeWork has 246 locations in the US alone and a strong international presence. What distinguishes WeWork is its unique approach to creating dynamic and collaborative workspaces. The company focuses on building communities and fostering a sense of belonging among its members.

WeWork’s mission is to provide not just office space but an entire ecosystem that supports collaboration and innovation. They offer various membership options and provide spaces designed to foster interaction among their members.

Key Features of WeWork:

  1. Community Building: WeWork focuses on creating a sense of community among its members, hosting networking events and providing opportunities for collaboration.
  2. Flexible Memberships: They offer a range of membership options, from hot desks to private offices, making it suitable for freelancers and large enterprises.
  3. Innovation and Design: WeWork spaces are known for their modern design and innovative layouts that promote creativity and productivity.

Industrious Office – Rising Star in the US

Industrious Office, with 135 locations in the US, is a rising star in the co-working industry. They’ve carved a niche for themselves by providing premium, hospitality-driven co-working spaces. Industrious offers a diverse range of office solutions, from private offices to flexible memberships, catering to the needs of professionals and enterprises alike.Industrious Office is known for its attention to detail and commitment to creating a comfortable and productive workspace for its members.Key Features of Industrious Office:Hospitality Focus: Industrious places a strong emphasis on creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for its members.Variety of Spaces: They offer private offices, coworking desks, and custom solutions for enterprises, ensuring they can meet the needs of a broad range of professionals.Attention to Detail: Industrious spaces are known for their attention to design and functionality.

Spaces – A Global Presence

Another brand owned by IWG, Spaces, boasts 117 locations in the US and 466 locations worldwide. What makes Spaces unique is its focus on creating inspiring and creative work environments. They cater to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes, aiming to foster innovation and productivity.

Spaces is known for its diverse range of workspaces, including creative studios and inspiring meeting rooms.

Key Features of Spaces:

  1. Creative Environments: Spaces focuses on creating inspiring and creative workspaces that encourage innovation.
  2. Diverse Workspace Options: They offer everything from private offices to meeting rooms and even studios for creative professionals.
  3. Global Network: With locations in numerous countries, Spaces provides a global network of workspaces for its members.

Premier Workspaces – Focusing on the US

With 81 locations in the US, Premier Workspaces is the largest co-working company operating exclusively in the United States. They offer a variety of office solutions, from private executive suites to flexible workspaces. Premier Workspaces is known for its dedication to providing a professional and efficient work environment.

Premier Workspaces is especially popular among businesses looking for a reliable and consistent workspace provider in the US.

Key Features of Premier Workspaces:

  1. US Focused: Premier Workspaces provides a strong presence in the US, making it an ideal choice for professionals and businesses in the country.
  2. Professional Workspaces: Their spaces are known for their professional and well-maintained environments.
  3. Range of Solutions: Premier Workspaces offers private offices, virtual office solutions, and co-working options.

Comparing the Top Co-Working Companies

To help you make an informed decision about which co-working company is right for you, here’s a side-by-side comparison of these top providers:

CompanyNumber of Locations (US)Number of Locations (Worldwide)Key Features
Regus8323,000+Global reach, flexible solutions, professional environment
WeWork246GlobalCommunity building, flexible memberships, innovation and design
Industrious Office135USHospitality focus, variety of spaces, attention to detail
Spaces117466Creative environments, diverse workspace options, global network
Premier Workspaces81USUS focused, professional workspaces, range of solutions

Key Features to Consider

When choosing a co-working space, several key eatures should be taken into consideration to ensure the workspace aligns with your needs and preferences. Here are some key features to consider when selecting a co-working company:

  1. Location and Accessibility: Consider the proximity of the co-working space to your home, clients, or partners. Accessibility via public transportation and parking facilities are also essential factors.
  2. Membership Options: Look for flexibility in membership plans. Many co-working companies offer options for part-time, full-time, or even virtual memberships. Choose the one that best suits your working style.
  3. Community and Networking: Assess the co-working space’s efforts in fostering a sense of community. Social and networking events can be invaluable for making connections and expanding your professional network.
  4. Amenities and Services: Check for additional amenities such as meeting rooms, high-speed internet, printing facilities, and kitchen spaces. Some co-working spaces go above and beyond by offering wellness rooms, gyms, and childcare services.
  5. Design and Atmosphere: The ambiance of a co-working space can greatly impact your productivity. Some spaces are designed for creativity, while others aim for a more professional and quiet environment. Choose a space that aligns with your work style.
  6. Security and Privacy: Ensure that the co-working space provides a secure environment for your belongings and data. Private phone booths and secure access to the building may be necessary.
  7. Pricing and Contracts: Compare pricing and contract terms to find a co-working company that fits your budget and offers transparent terms.
  8. Scalability: If your business is likely to expand or downsize, choose a co-working company that can accommodate your changing needs.
  9. Additional Services: Some co-working providers offer additional services like mail handling, administrative support, and IT assistance. These services can be valuable for businesses of all sizes.


1. What are the advantages of co-working spaces?

Co-working spaces offer several benefits, including flexibility, cost savings, access to a professional environment, networking opportunities, and various amenities. They are an ideal choice for freelancers, startups, and remote workers.

2. Are co-working spaces only for individuals, or can businesses use them too?

Co-working spaces cater to both individuals and businesses. Many large enterprises are turning to co-working spaces as a flexible and cost-effective solution for their office needs.

3. What’s the difference between a co-working space and a traditional office lease?

Co-working spaces provide flexible, short-term contracts, whereas traditional office leases typically require long-term commitments. Co-working spaces also offer a community of professionals and a range of amenities, making them an attractive option for those seeking more than just a workspace.

4. Do these co-working companies offer international access?

Yes, many co-working companies, including Regus and WeWork, have a global presence, allowing members to access workspaces in multiple countries. This international reach can be advantageous for professionals who travel frequently or have international business needs.

5. How do I choose the right co-working space for my business?

To select the right co-working space, consider factors such as location, amenities, membership options, and community offerings. It’s essential to align your choice with your specific business needs and work style.

6. Can I use co-working spaces as a virtual office?

Absolutely. Co-working spaces often offer virtual office services, including mail handling, professional business addresses, and phone answering services. This is an excellent solution for remote workers and businesses looking to establish a professional image.

7. Are co-working spaces suitable for remote teams and virtual companies?

Co-working spaces are an excellent choice for remote teams and virtual companies. They provide a central location for team members to work together, meet clients, and access office resources without the need for a traditional office.


The world of co-working offers a diverse range of options, from global giants like Regus and WeWork to rising stars like Industrious Office and local favorites like Premier Workspaces. Each co-working company has its unique features and strengths, making it essential to assess your needs and preferences before making a choice.

In this guide, we’ve explored the key features of the top five co-working companies, helping you understand what sets them apart and how they can benefit your business. Consider factors such as location, community, amenities, and pricing to find the perfect co-working space for your professional journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Regus and WeWork are global leaders in the co-working industry, offering extensive networks and diverse workspace options.
  • Industrious Office prioritizes hospitality and comfort, providing premium co-working spaces.
  • Spaces creates inspiring and creative environments designed to foster innovation.
  • Premier Workspaces focuses on providing professional and efficient workspaces within the US.
  • When choosing a co-working space, consider factors like location, community, amenities, and pricing to find the best fit for your needs.
  • Co-working spaces are suitable for individuals, businesses, remote teams, and virtual companies, offering flexibility, cost savings, and access to a professional environment.

As the co-working industry continues to evolve, new players and innovative features are constantly emerging. Be sure to stay updated and explore the co-working space that aligns best with your goals and work style.

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