LowFruits Review | Is This Keyword Research Tool Worth the Money?

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So, I just discovered one of my favorite new keyword research tools.

And it has a completely functional freemium plan if you don’t want to spend any money.

(And who does? I’m getting gouged for hundreds a month using Ahrefs…)

It’s called LowFruits.io.

What is LowFruits

LowFruits Review

LowFruits is an easy-to-use keyword research tool (similar to semrush, google keyword planner and ubersuggest) that helps you find winning keywords for your website in general and for your blog business in particular

It is basically a Google autocomplete tool that enables you to find the most relevant, longtail keywords straight from Google.

By the way, I wrote a KeywordChef vs LowFruits article that you might find interesting.

How is LowFruits different from the SEO tools you’re using?

If tools like Mangools, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are a staple in your SEO tool stack, you know the drill:

  1. Insert a seed keyword
  2. Filter the keyword list by Keyword Difficulty
  3. Go through SERPs one-by-one to see if you can compete

The process takes hours. And even if Keyword Difficulty is low, you can still have powerful competitors. With these tools, you can’t win if you have low Domain Authority.

What does LowFruits do?

LowFruits automates all the manual work you used to do.

See keywords with competitors you can beat. Reduce the time you wasted analyzing manually. Simply grab keywords from other tools and import them into LowFruits to get better information faster.

Import your keywords

How to find the right keywords with LowFruits

The first step on your SEO success journey is finding keywords to increase your ranking fast.

Here are 3 tutorials to help you:

Step 1. Get Topic Ideas

Before you dive into keyword idea generation, you need seed keywords.

Follow the step-by-step be low that covers 10+ methods you can use to find seed keywords, including:

  • Google Autocomplete
  • Online glossaries
  • Stores and eCommerce search engines

­Get topic ideas

­Step 2. Choose the Right Seed Keywords

How do professional SEOs select their seed keywords?

Find out and follow along!

­Pick the right seed keywords

­Step 3. Find Easy Keywords (even in a Competitive Niche)

Your competitors aren’t targeting every keyword under the sun. With this tutorial, you’ll leverage the untapped keywords to get more traffic – even if your Domain Authority is low.

­Rank faster

How to merge your keyword reports & save time

I’m excited to share the latest update with you: merging keyword reports 🎉

👉 Created multiple reports about the same topic?
Select them in your Reports section.


👉 Hit “Merge!”

merge reports

👉 All your keywords are now centralized in a single report. (No duplicates, no lost keywords.)

👉 You’ll avoid analyzing several times the same keyword in different reports (and spending credits on the exact same keywords).

👉 LowFruits will recalculate and create new keyword clusters

For more information on how the merging works, check their FAQ.

­Save time and credits!

­Merge your reports

[TUTORIAL] How professional SEOs use Zero Search Volume keywords to skyrocket their rankings (and more!)


Let’s dive into the savvy tactics that will help you find even more profitable keywords!

Step 1. Find High-Intent Keywords with Google Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete is a goldmine of high-intent keywords your leads use when they’re ready to buy.

They’re specific, detailed, and hard to find with standard tools.

But your LowFruits dashboard has them all. It’s time to capitalize on them before your competitors do!

Be faster than your competitors

Step 2. Use Zero Search Volume Keywords

If you have a new site and your Domain Authority is low, it will be hard to compete for commercial keywords. But you have an advantage:

You can use low search volume keywords your competitors are ignoring.

(Spoiler alert: they send plenty of traffic and often have higher conversion rates.)
Use ZSV like a pro

­Step 3. Create Better Content with Clusters

Find all the relevant keywords to create content that outranks your competitors.

How? With a little help from LowFruits clusters.

­Follow the tutorial

­LowFruits Review: The Verdict

If you’ve read my LowFruits review, you’re probably aware of my conclusion, but for those who haven’t (naughty you! ), I do recommend LowFruits.

Thank you for taking the time to read my LowFruits review. By the way, I apologize for writing a long post. I had intended to write a 500-1000 word review for Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0, but I got a little carried away!

While you’re here, let’s continue the conversation in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any questions about my LowFruits review, please leave them in the comments section, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

LowFruits vs Ahrefs

Ahrefs is great (and expensive) but it often doesn’t unearth these small volume, weird terms. Autocomplete tools can and do…

I just completed a huge content order for some of my other sites ONLY using this tool because it discovers keywords with super low competition.

I’m talking about keywords with PDFs and forums ranking in the top 10.

What the LowFruits team says: It’ll help you find keywords that have weak spots, where user-generated content (like Quora, Reddit and other forums) and weak websites (with low Domain Authority) rank near the top of the search engine results pages

This means you can easily compete with them (and win).

I highly recommend giving lowfruits.io a try if you’re looking for a new keyword research tool. It’s helped me a lot, and I think it can help you too.

I am an affiliate for lowfruits, but I was going to write this email anyway because I’m using it like crazy.

Just before I decided to write this email I figured I’d check if they have an affiliate program.

But, I’m still on the free tier because I haven’t needed to pay for anything yet.

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