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Pictory vs Descript: Which one is better?

I got a lot of people asking to write a Pictory vs Descript article lately.

So I decided to write one today..

Pictory and Descript are collectively known as video editing software, but the key advantage of using this software is its adaptability and speed.

Instead of needing to edit multiple videos with different editing timelines, simply editing transcribed words (just like a word document) is enough to edit a video!

Record multiple takes in one video and solely keep the transcription of the one you like to automatically delete the rest.

In this Pictory vs Descript blog post, we discuss which of these three SaaS tools is the best video editing and transcription tool.

We will give you an overview of each tool, the different features that it has, and the pros and cons that go with each individual tool.

Table of Contents

Features of Pictory and Descript

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory is a computer software tool that allows you to create videos from your long-form articles or transcripts.

In addition, it enables you to create transcriptions from any of your videos, so you can repurpose that content in any way you want.

Pictory AI homepage
Pictory AI homepage

✅ Pros of Pictory AI

In the platform, it is very simple to take text and turn it into a video, because all of the process is automated with the use of AI. A 3-hour video now takes only 30 minutes.

❌ Cons / Need Improvement

There is not much I do not like about using the app, but I do dislike it when their updates happen without any testing. Sometimes it renders it unusable and makes it difficult to use.

What is Descript?

Descript is a software tool that allows you to easily and quickly record, edit, and publish video and audio projects without help.

And its overdub feature really saves you time and effort by removing the need to re-record small audio changes during the editing process.

descript homepage
Descript homepage

✅ Pros of Descript

It can transcribe voices in real-time.

It can also synthesize multiple audio tracks into one, 3. However, it also gives you the ability to edit technical details on specific tracks.

❌ Cons / Need Improvement

I wish there was integration with Adobe Audition that would allow me to find places that have been commented on and then reimport or sync any changes. For our workflow, I would also love to see an API that would fundamentally replace Zapier.

Which one should you choose?

1. Pictory AI

Pictory has very generous transcription hours (10 times more than HappyScribble) and they are very fair.

They also have a basic video editor, which I hope they will improve over time, and the capability to export in different sizes.

Good for creating content and repurposing long videos into shorter clips. (Garyvee style)

2. Descript

The fact that I can transcribe my videos automatically and easily is an advantage of this tool. I’m pleased that it has a generous free model too.

Pictory vs Descript: My Final Conclusion

With all of these features, pros, and cons written down, I feel that Descript is best for personal use or for team coordination, while Pictory is best for content creation.

I have purchased both Descript and Pictory for now and may replace Pictory with Descript depending on how they develop over the course of their campaign.

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