Vultr vs Digital Ocean 2022 Review: Which is Better?

If you are looking for a global cloud hosting service with warp-10 quick SSD VPS cloud servers that are fully KVM virtualized, then this Vultr vs Digital Ocean comparison is for you.

In this article, we have provided you with detailed information regarding the two-web hosting for you to choose your preferred choice. 

We’ll be discussing:

What is Vultr?

Vultr is a specialized cloud hosting company that takes pride in its high-performance edge services and its simple scalability. It offers everything from bare metal and dedicated servers to cloud computing and block storage. Choose from 16 different server locations across the world. 

Developers can create, release, and maintain games, operating systems, and applications with the help of Vultr’s hosting, solid-state drives (SSDs), virtual/private servers, and other solutions. Through a centralized interface, it supports a wide range of operating systems, including FreeBSD, Alma Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Fedora CoreOS, VzLinux, and more.

Users can establish development environments, game servers, WordPress blogs, and more with the help of one-click apps available on Vultr. It provides a number of capabilities like multilocation deployment, private networking, reserved IP addresses, and secure communications. Additionally, using the centralized control panel, administrators may manage API access, single sign-on (SSO), and role-based permissions.

Even by the norms of cloud hosting, Vultr began operations in 2014, therefore it is rather new. Vultr, which is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, was founded by David Aninowsky. As additional data centers are continuously added, availability has rapidly increased since it began. A variety of Cloud infrastructure services are available from Vultr at a reasonable cost. They are able to meet a variety of needs due to the flexibility of their product line.

Vultr Features

Powerful Cloud Solutions

When it comes to functionality, Vultr has you covered with features like rapid worldwide deployment, a feature-rich control panel, and strong APIs. The newest Intel CPU generations and 100% SSD storage are available thanks to hardware investments made by the company. Using customized ISOs that can be mounted, modified, and redeployed is also possible with Vultr. Additionally, you may quickly and easily use the snapshot capability if you want to replicate one of your server setups on fresh Vultr network instances.

One-Click Installers

A variety of one-click installs are available from Vultr for well-known web applications and administrative tools. Even if it’s not often noteworthy, a premium cloud host like Vultr offers a lot of value in this regard. The one-click installer is quite easy to use, but you can also install applications using scripts and code if you like. The cPanel, Drupal, Magenta, Joomla, MediaWiki, PrestaShop, and WordPress installers are all included. If you’re like that, the one-click installer can even be used to set up a Minecraft server.

Wide Variety of Operating Systems

Do you have to set up various OS systems for various cloud instances? Although CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, and Windows are all supported by Vultr out of the box, you can also upload your own operating system if you would like. As a result, you may choose from a variety of web hosting plans without having to deal with several suppliers.

Powerful Control Panel

You may quickly start new instances from any device using Vultr’s specialized control panel. Additionally, you can keep an eye on the server’s health and performance, including bandwidth and CPU consumption as well as a real-time display of the amount of money that is owed.

16 Server Locations

In addition to other servers in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney, Vultr has a global network of servers spread out across the United States and Canada (from Seattle and Toronto to Atlanta and Miami). By selecting servers that are as close as feasible to your intended audience, you can reduce latency.

Vultr: Pros

Vultr is Fast Regardless of Server Location

Vultr keeps a special testing tool that can measure the delay between your browser and its data centers. The outcomes of the test, which I conducted a few times, were astounding. Nearly all of their data centers responded in less than 200 ms. There are a few outliers, but they tend to be in more distant areas (as far as I am concerned).

If you choose to host with Vultr, these direct speeds can be further enhanced. For instance, a CDN will assist in balancing the load and helping to level the number. That will provide you with a more consistent performance distribution regardless of the server location you select.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Reliability is one of the Cloud’s most alluring features. With so much hardware connected, a catastrophic failure of one piece of equipment is never a concern. At worst, until they fix the issue, you will notice temporarily decreased performance.

It is acceptable to continue along that line of thought, but Vultr goes beyond. In their Service Level Agreement, the business promises a 100% uptime rate. If that is not enough, they also give you access to a thorough table that outlines the amounts they will pay you for different levels of service interruption.

Highly Flexible – Choice in Everything

Almost all use cases may be accommodated by the wide variety of Cloud services that Vultr now provides. It does not matter if you want to host a WordPress or WooCommerce website, manage an application server, produce a sizable private Cloud data dump, or do anything else.

You can select one of their many options. The only real difference is that you get to choose the precise components that are worth your money. For instance, their virtual machines with storage optimization offer industry-standard configurations with substantial volumes of NVMe storage. That’s going to turn out swift and competent.

These are some of the available package types:

  • Cloud compute
  • Optimized Cloud compute
  • Bare metal
  • Kubernetes engine
  • Block Storage
  • You can even pick between AMD or Intel for your preferred processor type.

Vultr Pricing is Extremely Flexible

High-performance hosting providers are aware that even the slightest modification in specs results in additional charges. Pricing for Vultr products gets incredibly detailed as a result of their high degree of flexibility. You only pay for the exact services you require, which you can calculate down to a cost per hour. Due to this, it is considerably simpler to account for Vultr packages when calculating operational expenses. The cost of changing any aspect of your hosting, such as adding more CPU cores, is only what is added, not an additional pricing tier.

Upgrading is Simple

Vultr is a do-it-yourself (DIY) option that saves you from having to deal with customer service every time you run out of resources. You only need to move a scroll bar to change the resource you require, so this is also not too painful. As simple as that, in all honesty. The simple interface that Vultr offers is tied in with this capacity. Although it might be a little difficult for IT beginners, anyone who is experienced with web hosting should be able to pick it up pretty fast.

Vultr is Constantly Growing

It may seem strange to talk about a cloud service that “grows,” but what I mean by that is the availability of their services. It appears that the business is continually expanding its network of data centers. You currently have a selection of 25 of them. You are paying a tiny fraction of what Google Cloud charges, despite the fact that it is far from the 200+ nations and territories it supports. Additionally, it does not seem like Vultr’s growth will slow down any time soon. They have, if anything, picked up the tempo only this year.

Vultr: Cons

Technical Expertise is Necessary

A virtual server can be created and launched without much difficulty, just like any other cloud service. The one-click deployment tool from Vultr even makes it feasible to deploy an application quickly. It’s another thing entirely to manage the security and functionality of your web server. You better know what you are doing, everyone who has tried to secure a virtual server will tell you. Your web server could appear to be in good shape on the outside, but if you do not adequately harden its security, it will soon become a disaster waiting to happen. The difficult part is just that. Operating a Cloud-based server in this manner might not be for you unless you have the necessary skills and time.

The Masses Are Not Convinced

You could get a lot of unfavorable remarks if you Google user reviews of Vultr. Sadly, that is an issue that all web hosting businesses deal with. Although it is true that a large portion of this is due to poor user comprehension, providing enough support should resolve the issue. Many new users are experiencing fundamental issues with Vultr, which appears to be an issue. Vultr needs to boost up its support game immediately, from payment to resource management, and even remarks about the free sample.

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What is DigitalOcean?

An infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform by the same-named firm with its headquarters in New York is known as Digital Ocean. Developers that wish to establish a cost-effective cloud infrastructure could turn to DigitalOcean, a specialized provider.

In order to enable developers, startups, and small and medium-sized organizations (SMBs) quickly design, deploy, and scale applications in order to accelerate innovation, increase productivity, and improve agility, DigitalOcean offers cloud computing services. To suit business demands as you expand, you can select from a wide range of IaaS, fully managed PaaS, Managed Databases, and container-based Kubernetes services. For clients to spend less time maintaining their infrastructure and more time developing cutting-edge apps that accelerate business success, DigitalOcean blends the power of simplicity, community, open source, and customer service.

Although developers are the main audience for DigitalOcean’s cloud service, anyone can use it because it is a high-performance, publicly accessible service that is offered worldwide. DigitalOcean is known for a number of things, the final cost of which may be ascertained by contacting the company. The first thing is simplicity, both in terms of pricing and design. The second is that it has a simple design on all fronts. Additionally simple to use and comprehend, DigitalOcean offers excellent performance.

A range of Linux and Unix servers are available through the DigitalOcean cloud, which has 12 data centers. With those servers, you receive a selection of configuration options ranging from one to 32 virtual CPUs, solid-state drive (SSD)-based storage, and a number of services—the majority of which are supplied at no additional cost. Load balancers have an additional fee of $20 per month.

DigitalOcean Features

Heavy-duty tech tools (if you know how to use them)

Since DigitalOcean places a strong emphasis on collaborating with developers, you will not find common services like free domain names, backups that are always available, SSL certificates, or even immediate customer support. However, if you have the necessary technical skills, you may build and manage your own customized cloud server with everything from private networking to floating IP addresses. Just be aware that its capabilities are not as user-friendly as those offered by other providers.

Product Ecosystem

Even though DigitalOcean only specializes in cloud hosting, there are plenty of options available. With its scalable droplets for app deployment, spaces for file storage, and worry-free database hosting, it provides various platforms for a variety of use cases. Only pay for the things that you actually use and select the ones that most interest you.

Top Security

Extra encryption is automatically provided by DigitalOcean to protect your data from beginning to end. As long as you know a little bit of code and can follow DigitalOcean’s online tutorials, you can always add more levels of protection to make it better than most, though it is not infallible.

Choice of Server Locations

You have a choice of locations with DigitalOcean, from Germany and the Netherlands to India, Singapore, Canada, and the USA, for your main server. Additionally, you may do speed tests at each of those places directly from the dashboard. However, it’s always worthwhile to do tests using an outside instrument to obtain a second, unbiased view.

Tools and Integrations –

In addition to the company’s web-based command lines and control panels, DigitalOcean also makes use of a number of APIs and offers a few one-click installations, however, some users have reported issues getting these to function. Additionally, it provides integrations for a variety of popular dev tools and collaboration tools for entire teams. If you can get the Slack interface to work in the first place, it even integrates with Slack.

DigitalOcean: Pros

Great” Average” Uptime of 99.97%

With an average uptime of 99.97% during the last six months of monitoring, DigitalOcean truly stands out in this area. With the exception of June 2022, when the uptime was only 99.83% and July 2022, when it was 99.98%, they have so consistently maintained 100% uptime since January 2022. Without these months, Digital Ocean would have performed at a flawless 100%.

Lightning-Fast Load Times 279 ms

When choosing a web host, uptime is the most important statistic to look for. All the bells and whistles in the world, after all, won’t mean a hill of beans if your website is frequently down. The second most important factor is speed.

For all intents and purposes, websites that are slow could as well be unavailable. Slow websites are essentially useless. Your traffic will be bouncing without hesitation. Literally. You might lose almost all of your prospective website visitors with a difference of just a few seconds. Fortunately, when you join up with DigitalOcean, you won’t need to worry about poor speed.

Developer-Friendly Product Ecosystem

DigitalOcean has more than one skill set. Their entire product line actually has a ton of development potential.

What are the many alternatives that DigitalOcean offers?


A business’s application requirements can be fully satisfied by using the scalable computing platform known as Droplets. Additionally, it has enhanced security, monitoring, and add-on storage.

You have the option of regular or optimized droplets, which you can further tweak to your heart’s content. Droplets give developers the opportunity to skip time-consuming installation and configuration and proceed directly to code deployment.


Spaces is about basic object storage, whereas Droplets is for app deployment. We are referring to a security system that enables the storage and delivery of data to apps and end users. With a drag-and-drop UI or API, spaces create trustworthy storage through a straightforward approach. Backup files, blogs, data analysis, and many other things can all be kept in spaces. Also scalable is the service, allowing your Spaces to expand along with your business. Spaces can also be utilized independently or in conjunction with other DigitalOcean products.


Developers and operators are the target audiences for Kubernetes. What can you do with Kubernetes? For simpler scaling, greater availability, and cheaper costs, you can deploy your web apps for Kubernetes. These can also be utilized for backend services and APIs.

Customizable Pricing

The fact that you can genuinely personalize everything you pay for, including your site storage, CPU usage, bandwidth, database, memory, etc., is excellent in our opinion, even though we also list it under the negatives. Being an experienced user who knows exactly what you require, what your objectives are, what you don’t require, and so on, is incredibly advantageous.

Daily Backups

Every day, DigitalOcean makes backups, and you can always restore any data going back for up to seven days. Although DigitalOcean has a higher uptime than other hosting providers, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Good Security

Your traffic and data are always protected. Many other hosts either don’t emphasize this enough or don’t even offer it. Your data is fully safeguarded from beginning to end thanks to DigitalOcean. Keeping such malicious connections and viruses out of your site’s system is a huge advantage. DigitalOcean has implemented encryption to its volumes by default. You must go through a tutorial, adhere to the instructions, and have some coding knowledge in order to add an additional layer of protection, like with most of their features.

DigitalOcean: Cons

Pricing is Complicated

As soon as you look at the pricing alternatives, all the options and potential upgrades will make your head spin. For example, there are many categories for bandwidth, storage, servers (with varying speeds), CPU, and security features. Simply, there are many ways with DigitalOcean to make your monthly charge extremely expensive. The majority of other providers offer 2–5 distinct plans, giving you a decent idea of what you get. You can personalize everything with DigitalOcean.

For Advanced Users

A genuinely outstanding product will be able to describe its services in simple terms. Tech businesses in particular have a difficult time comprehending this on a group level. As a result, the majority of IT websites and platforms frequently use jargon. Specifically, “unique terms or expressions that are used by a certain profession or group and are challenging for others to understand.”

• Lacks Basic Features Other Consumer Hosts Provide – The majority of the web servers we’ve analyzed include the same “extras,” including backups, perhaps a competent CDN, and even an SSL certificate. Due to the fact that DigitalOcean serves a more sophisticated clientele than other hosts do, they don’t include a ton of basic functions that many other hosts will offer or take care of for you once you join up.

Things like: Totally free domain with hosting, even the capacity to buy a domain name, and Site migrations at no cost. In other words, they can assist you with some of these issues. But when you sign up, don’t anticipate receiving a lot of support.

Vultr vs Digital Ocean: What is Better?

On the surface, our comparison between Vultr and Digital Ocean appears to be apples to apples. Both work in the same industry and provide clients with comparable benefits.

Features Vultr Digital Ocean

vCPU 1 1


Bandwidth 2 TB 1 TB

Storage 25 GB 25 GB

Price $6/mo $5/mo

Both of these companies appear committed to upholding the status quo, with the exception of Vultr having significantly more bandwidth.

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