WeWork All Access Guests

What is WeWork Access Guests

WeWork Access Guests is a program that allows members to invite non-members to use WeWork facilities for a day. This includes access to the common areas, conference rooms, and other amenities. The program is designed to help businesses grow by providing a space for networking and collaboration.

Can you bring guests to wework?

WeWork is a co-working space that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

The company offers membership-based access to shared office spaces and has been lauded for its hip, modern design and amenities.

One of the questions that WeWork members frequently ask is whether they can bring guests to use the space.

The answer is yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • WeWork All Access members are not permitted to have guests except when booking meeting rooms.
  • If a WeWork All Access member has reserved a meeting room, guests may be registered and granted access to the reserved meeting room only.
  • The number of guests is limited to the number of people who can fit in the meeting room (including the person who booked).
  • Guests will be able to access the WeWork location only during the booking period.

How do I (WeWork All Access member) register a guest?

After reserving a meeting room, you can register a guest.

You can register guests from the WeWork app by first selecting the “Upcoming” tab, which is denoted by a clock icon, and then selecting “+ Add Guest” to enter their information.

This is also available on the member portal under “Register Guests.”

When they arrive at the building, they will be able to check-in, and you will be notified so you can greet your guest.

What is the guest policy at WeWork?

You are welcome to bring guests into their buildings as a WeWork member*.

Pre-register your guests before they arrive to make the most of their experience. Upon arrival, guests must sign in at the front desk. WeWork’s proprietary system records all guests who enter a WeWork-operated location. Please ensure that the guest brings a photo ID with them when they check-in.

As a member, you are liable for all actions taken by your guests. When your guests come to visit, you must be present in the building. Guests are not permitted to enter the building if the member is not present to collect them.

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